Study execution

This study applies to all young adults between the ages of 16 and 25, who regularly spend nights out (nearly every weekend or more) in Zurich or Lausanne and who own a smartphone with the Android 4.0.3 operating system or a more recent one.

After signing in on the internet (see Registration page), the first part of the study will take place during 7 consecutive weekends, starting in September 2014. During Friday and Saturday nights, you shall be asked to document every drink consumed with the help of the phone application created for this study (take a picture of the drink, describe its content and make a short video of the environment). At the same time, the application will record data about the context of the consumption, like the GPS coordinates of the location or the number of nearby identifiable devices with Bluetooth (for details about the collected data, see FAQ.

The second part, which is optional, will take place after the smartphone study. If you want, you can take part in an hour and a half long interview to share, on the basis of your personal experience, your view on your town's nightlife, on attended places, on alcohol consumption and on what you experienced during the evenings in which you participated in the study

Confidentiality and anonymisation of data

The collected data shall be treated in a strictly confidential and anonymous way. Your telephone number and email address shall be destroyed at the end of the study, shall not be used for other studies and shall not be communicated to a third party.

Furthermore, after every weekend, you can ask for the erasure of data that you do not wish to be kept.


Every participant who takes part in at least 10 evenings during the study with the cellphone application (first part of the study) shall receive 100.- CHF, delivered at the end of the study.

Participation in the qualitative interview (second part of the study) shall be paid 25.- CHF, in addition to the compensation mentioned above.